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How to choose a driving school in Acton

There’s no shortage of driving instructors in Acton. But you need to make sure you learn with someone who:

  • Builds your confidence
  • Makes learning enjoyable
  • Won’t empty your pockets!

That’s why there are 4 simple steps you should follow when picking a driving school in Acton:

1. Compare reviews

This is a vital step because it gives you an idea of whether other learners enjoyed their experiences with the driving schools in Acton that you’re considering. Most driving schools handpick their best reviews to display on their website, so be sure to head to unbiased review sites like Trustpilot to get a clearer idea.

2. Beware of terms and conditions

Some driving schools in Acton have amazing deals on their lesson packages, but it’s important to check the terms and conditions to see if there are any hidden policies. For example, with some schools your lesson package could become invalid if you don’t use it up within a very short timeframe.

3. Check that you can switch instructors

It’s usually preferable to learn with one instructor throughout the learn-to-drive process, but if you don’t get on with your instructor it’s best to swap. Some driving schools in Acton don’t state whether they’ll help you switch instructors if you need to, so be sure to check.

4. Avoid long waiting times

Some driving schools in Acton could have you waiting weeks for your first driving lesson, particularly during busy periods. But they often won’t make that clear on their website. That’s why it’s important to ask when you’d be able to take your first lesson before you commit yourself to a school - you might be able to find shorter waiting times elsewhere.

Tips for learning to drive in Acton

It’s well known that practice makes perfect and it’s no different with learning to drive! Putting in some private practice between your driving lessons in Acton helps you to polish your skills and get confident driving in a variety of road and weather conditions.

Some top driving instructors in Acton have put together a list of good practice spots in the area:

  • Brookfield Road: Brookfield Road and the residential roads off it are ideal for perfecting your passing distances and your parallel parking, as they’re lined with parked cars on both sides. Just be sure that if you’re parking, you do so at times when parking spaces aren’t restricted to permit holders only.

  • Acton Lane: On Acton Lane, you’ll find a string of two mini-roundabouts ideal for getting your head around these tricky road systems. According to our driving instructors in Acton, they’re surrounded by zebra crossings, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for pedestrians!

  • Western Avenue: Part of the A40, Western Avenue is the best place in Acton to head to for some dual carriageway practice. Get used to responding to road markings and changing lanes here.

  • Acton Roundabout: Where Acton High Street meets Steyne Road and Uxbridge Road, you’ll find a busy multi-lane roundabout. Our driving instructors in Acton recommend heading here when you’re looking to put your roundabout skills to the test!

  • A4020: As Acton’s high street, the A4020 is lined with shops and pedestrians. You’ll have buses, traffic lights and cycle lanes to deal with, so it’s a great place to hone your hazard perception skills and get used to urban driving.

Choosing your test centre

Once you become confident during your driving lessons in Acton, your instructor will help you to pick a test centre. They’ll then start introducing you to the routes you might encounter during your driving test.

Isleworth (Fleming Way)
Greenford (Horsenden Lane)
Greenford (Whitton Ave East)

DVSA practical car test pass rates, 2018-2019.

Greenford (Horsenden Lane) Test Centre | Pass rate: 37%

Greenford Test Centre is surrounded by residential roads but it’s also near the busy A4090. So, you can expect a mix of urban and suburban roads if you take your test here.

Address: 96 Horsenden Lane North, Greenford, Greater London, UB6 7QH

Greenford (Whitton Ave East) Test Centre | Pass rate: 36.6%

Greenford (Whitton Ave East) Test Centre has the lowest pass rate in the area, far below the national average of 45.7%. Test candidates are requested to park on Sherwood Avenue, and to arrive no more than 10 minutes before their test slot.

Address: 8th Greenford Scout Group The Lodge, Whitton Avenue East, Greenford, Greater London, UB6 0JU

Hendon Test Centre | Pass rate: 41%

Hendon Test Centre is located on a quiet residential road, but it has a multitude of busy urban streets nearby. So, perfect your hazard perception!

Address: 3 Aviation Drive, Beaufort Park, Hendon, Greater London, NW9 5TZ

Isleworth (Fleming Way) Test Centre | Pass rate: 42.5%

Isleworth Test Centre changed location in 2018, so make sure to double check the address your sat nav tries to take you to. It’s now located on a trading estate near residential roads.

Address: The Wireless Factory, Fleming Way, Isleworth, Greater London, TW7 6DB

Southall Test Centre | Pass rate: 39.6%

You’ll find Southall Test Centre on a busy urban road. Be sure you’re confident with urban driving if you decide to take your test here.

Address: 295 Allenby Road, Southall, Greater London, UB1 2HD

To see a longer list of test centres near you, head to the DVSA website.

Test tips from driving instructors in Acton

Local driving instructors in Acton gave us the lowdown on taking the driving test in the area.

1. Check out the toilet facilities in advance

Unfortunately, all the test centres we listed above (apart from Hendon) have no toilet facilities. The last thing you want is to be crossing your legs throughout your driving test, so our driving instructors in Acton recommend planning a toilet trip into your journey.

2. Research the parking situation

Neither of the Greenford test centres have allocated parking for test candidates. So, our driving instructors in Acton recommend researching where you can park in advance. You might want to arrive early to be sure you can find a space, but Greenford (Whitton Ave East) Test Centre requests that you don’t park more than 10 minutes before your test slot.

3. Take a driving lesson beforehand

Instructors in Acton recommend taking a driving lesson directly before your test. This gives you the chance to build up your confidence ahead of the test and to go over any parts you might be nervous about.

Choosing between manual and automatic

Before you book a driving lesson package, you’ll need to choose between manual and automatic driving lessons. A manual driving licence will qualify you to drive both manual and automatic cars, whereas an automatic licence will only qualify you to drive automatic cars.

Automatic cars are easier to drive in urban areas, as they take away the need to press and depress the clutch pedal in stop-start traffic. So, you might well prefer to take automatic driving lessons in Acton. You’re also likely to learn quicker in an automatic car, as you’ll have less to get your head around.

On the other hand, many people prefer the sense of control that a manual car provides. For example, a manual car allows you to change down a gear in anticipation of a hill for an extra boost of power. This is particularly useful on longer-distance journeys, such as road trips outside London. Moreover, manual lessons tend to be less expensive than automatic driving lessons, since there are more manual instructors available.

It’s not always an easy decision to make, but we’re sure you’ll love your driving lessons either way!

Where can you have driving lessons in Acton

Most driving instructors cover the whole of Acton, including Acton Town, Acton Vale, North Acton, East Acton, South Acton and West Acton.

Some instructors also cover the entirety of London. Some of our popular areas include:

Barking, Brixton, Bromley, Canary Wharf, Clapham, Croydon, Dagenham, Ealing, Enfield, Finsbury Park, Greenwich, Hackney, Harrow, Hayes, Hounslow, Islington, Kingston upon Thames, Lewisham, Putney, Romford, Southall, Stratford, Streatham, Sutton, Tottenham, Twickenham, Uxbridge, Walthamstow, Wandsworth, Watford, Wembley and Wimbledon.

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