Driving Lessons in Uxbridge

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Last updated: 12 Aug 2020

Where we provide lessons in Uxbridge

No matter where you are in Uxbridge, there is an instructor for you! The top areas include:

Colham Green, Cowley, Denham, Hayes End, Hillingdon Heath, North Hillingdon, Uxbridge Moor, West Ruislip, Yeading and Yiewsley.

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Learning to drive in Uxbridge

Uxbridge is a great place to learn to drive. Out west, it’s not as packed as central London, and there are plenty of different road types to hone your skills on. With one of our top-rated instructors at your side, you’ll be flying through your test in no time!

To begin with, you’ll start on quiet residential streets to get to grips with the basics. Roads like Grosvenor Avenue or Landsbury Drive work well, as they’re long, straight and wide. You’ll be able to practise clutch control, signalling, and moving off and stopping with the pressure off. Once you’re feeling confident, your instructor will introduce you to the busier roads, like the ones around the town centre. You’ll have to be ready for lots of pedestrians, cyclists, buses, traffic and controlled junctions! The more you drive around there, the more comfortable you’ll get.

One great thing about Uxbridge is its connection to major roads. You’ll never be short of dual carriageway practice with the A40, the A412, and the A4020 around. There’s even the M40 if you really want to step things up. Just remember, you can only learn on the motorway if you’re with your instructor in a dual-control car. Alternatively, try the B483 south from the A40 if you want a different kind of challenge. You’ll face a ton of busy roundabouts, and you can follow them right into the heart of town.

Taking your test in Uxbridge

There’s one test centre in Uxbridge (check out the details below). The DVSA no longer publishes test routes, but your instructor will help you get to know the roads around the test centre so you’ll be well prepared on the day of your test.

The Uxbridge test centre is located in the Trade City Business Park, so you can expect quiet, residential roads to begin. Be warned: there’s a 5 mph speed limit in the business park until you exit.

Once you leave the business park you’ll have a number of things to look out for early on. You’ll meet a mini-roundabout and head onto Cowley Mill Road. From there you’ll reach a set of traffic lights with a box junction. If you stay on Cowley Mill Road watch out for the one-way bridge. Your instructor will have you well versed, you’ve just got to make sure you prove you can do it to the examiner!

Driving test centre locations in Uxbridge

As mentioned above, there's only one test centre in Uxbridge, but if you want to search wider, try gov.uk.

  • Uxbridge (London): Unit 7, Trade City Business Park, off Cowley Mill Road, Uxbridge, Greater London, UB8 2DB

Manual vs automatic

You can find both manual and automatic driving lessons in Uxbridge.

Take some time to choose which licence you want to go for. Learning in an automatic car is a little easier as there’s less to remember. But an automatic licence only qualifies you to drive automatic cars whereas a manual licence qualifies you to drive both transmissions, and lessons are a little cheaper.

If you’re going to be travelling during rush hour in Uxbridge, then you might prefer to drive an automatic car, as you won’t have to worry about gear changes all the time. However, if you’ll be planning longer journeys then perhaps a manual car would suit you better, as it could give you an added sense of control. The choice is yours!