Refresher driving lessons

Everything you need to know about driving refresher courses

What are refresher driving lessons?

Refresher driving lessons are driving lessons that you take once you already have a full driving licence, to improve on certain skills. The purpose of a driving refresher course is to improve road safety and confidence behind the wheel.

Who should take refresher driving lessons?

Anyone with a full driving licence can take a driving refresher course. Each course will be tailored to the needs of the individual, so it’s never too early or too late to book refresher lessons. However, there are certain groups who could benefit especially:

  • People who have recently passed the practical driving test
  • People who want to beat a fear, like motorway or nighttime driving
  • People looking to get their confidence back after a road accident
  • People who want to improve their driving in order to reduce fuel consumption
  • People returning to driving after a break (or taking a new job that will require them to drive more frequently)

In short, anyone who may feel inexperienced or low in confidence behind the wheel could benefit from refresher driving lessons.

What does a driving refresher course cover?

Since refresher driving lessons can benefit a wide range of drivers in different ways, they’re tailored to the abilities and experiences of each individual.

For example, a driver who books a driving refresher course to overcome a specific fear will need a different kind of support from a driver who’s recently passed their test and hasn’t yet experienced motorway or nighttime driving. Similarly, somebody who passed their driving test in a manual car might choose to take refresher driving lessons in an automatic, if they’ve decided to switch over to automatic cars.

Often, a driving refresher course will cover similar topics to a Pass Plus course (but cost less!). This includes:

  • Nighttime driving
  • Dual carriageway driving
  • Motorway driving
  • Town driving
  • All-weather driving
  • Driving on rural roads

How long is a driving refresher course?

A driving refresher course doesn’t have to be any specific length legally. However, we’d recommend booking a 5-hour lesson package to start with. Then, if you need a few extra refresher lessons, you can always top up by the hour.

If you’ve only just passed your test, 5 hours will give you enough time to get some well-rounded knowledge of day-to-day life behind the wheel. And if you’re returning to driving after a break, you’ll be surprised how quickly you pick it back up again!

Refresher driving lesson prices

Like with standard driving lessons, refresher driving lesson prices vary depending on your location and your instructor’s rates. Enter your postcode above to see prices in your area.

Refresher driving lessons near me

National driving Schools such as The AA and BSM offer refresher driving lessons across the UK. Find experienced instructors offering refresher driving lessons across the UK with a postcode search below. Some of our popular areas include:

Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield.

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