Driving Lessons in Brixton

How to get on the road and pass faster in Brixton

How to choose a driving instructor in Brixton

You deserve a driving instructor in Brixton who:

  • Encourages you
  • Helps you enjoy learning
  • Won’t empty your pockets!

When you’re on the hunt for a driving school in Brixton, make sure you do these 4 things:

1. Compare reviews

Most driving schools in Brixton have plenty of positive reviews scattered across their websites. However, that sometimes not the full picture, so take a look at review sites to get a feel of what it’s like to learn with the schools you’re considering.

2. Beware of terms and conditions

Driving schools in Brixton will do their best to attract you with cheap deals. But if they look too good to be true, they probably are! So, go through a school’s terms and conditions with a fine-tooth comb, so that you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

3. Check that you can switch instructors

You’re unlikely to go into your driving lessons expecting to switch instructors, but it’s important to check that it’s possible for you to switch just in case things don’t work out the way you hope. Switching instructors isn’t straightforward with all driving schools in Brixton and the last thing you want is to be stuck learning with someone you don’t get on with!

4. Avoid long waiting times

Now that you’ve decided to learn to drive, you don’t want to sit around for weeks waiting for your first driving lesson! Some driving schools in Brixton don’t clearly advertise their waiting times, so make sure to enquire before committing yourself to a school.

Choosing between manual and automatic

You may have decided to learn to drive, but before you book your first lesson you’ll need to choose between manual and automatic driving lessons.

A manual licence will qualify you to drive both manual and automatic cars, whereas an automatic licence will only qualify you to drive automatic cars. But although a manual licence is more flexible, it’s often quicker and easier to prepare for the automatic driving test, and many people prefer to drive automatic cars. So, which should you choose?

If you’re taking driving lessons in Brixton, you might prefer to learn to drive in an automatic. Automatic cars don’t have a clutch, so they tend to be easier and more comfortable to drive in stop-start traffic - something you’ll get a lot of in Brixton! They’re also easier on hills, as you can’t stall doing a hill start like you can in a manual car. That could be especially useful if you’re going to be heading up Brixton Hill regularly!

On the other hand, if you’re not planning on driving regularly once you pass your test, and instead you’re looking forward to taking some long country road trips outside of London, perhaps you’d rather take manual driving lessons. A manual car can give you a greater sense of control, especially on longer journeys, and manual cars also tend to be cheaper to hire in the UK and Europe. The added benefit is that manual driving lessons tend to be cheaper and waiting times shorter.

It’s not an easy one, but the choice is yours!

Tips for learning to drive in Brixton

We all know that practice makes perfect. But did you know that the DVSA recommends 22 hours of private practice alongside your driving lessons in Brixton, before you take your driving test?

Local driving instructors in Brixton have pointed out some useful practice spots across the area, so whether you’re looking to hone your parallel parking or brush up on your hazard perception skills, you won’t have any trouble in Brixton!

  • Bicknell Road: Bicknell Road and the other residential streets nearby are great spots to practise your parallel parking, according to our driving instructors in Brixton. They’re also made narrow by parking on both sides, so they’ll give you some valuable experience judging your passing distances and giving way to other cars.

  • Brixton Hill: Hill starts are the bain of any new driver’s life (if you’re learning in a manual, that is!). Head to Brixton Hill to really put your skills to the test. But watch out, it’s often busy so you’ll need to be fairly confident before you give it a go - you don’t want to go rolling backwards in rush hour!

  • Coldharbour Lane: Coldharbour Lane, also known as the A2217, near Loughborough Junction, is a bustling road lined with shops. It’s the perfect place to perfect your lane placement heading up to big junctions, and to polish your hazard perception keeping an eye out for careless pedestrians.

  • One-way system: If you’re still working on recognising and responding to road signs, get some practise by driving around the area west of Lambeth College. According to our instructors in Brixton, there are lots of one-way streets to get your head around there!

Choosing your test centre

After you’ve taken a number of driving lessons in Brixton, your driving instructor will help you to pick a test centre and start getting you used to the routes that could come up in your driving test.

Test Centre pass rates

Hither Green

DVSA practical car test pass rates, 2018-2019.

Croydon | Pass rate: 37.4%

If you decide to take your test at Croydon Test Centre, be sure to hone your roundabout skills. The test centre is located just around the corner from a busy one!

Address: 111 Canterbury Road, Croydon, Greater London, CR0 3HH

Hither Green | Pass rate: 49%

Hither Green is unusual for a London test centre. It has a higher than average pass rate (the national average is 45.8%) and plenty of allocated parking for test candidates. It comes highly recommended by our driving instructors in Brixton!

Address: 42-44 Ennersdale Road, Hither Green, Greater London, SE13 6JD

Mitcham | Pass rate: 41.1%

You’ll find Mitcham Test Centre on a quiet business park. If you choose to take your driving test here, our driving instructors in Brixton advise you to be ready to encounter a range of road types and systems, including some busy urban roads.

Address: Redhouse Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR0 3AQ

To find your nearest test centre, enter your postcode on the DVSA website.

Test tips from driving instructors in Brixton

Local driving instructors in Brixton give you the inside information on how to pass your driving test in the area.

1. Hone your hazard perception

South London’s bustling streets are packed with pedestrians. You’ll need to keep an eye out for pedestrians wandering unexpectedly into the road, particularly from between parked cars. Make sure you also watch out for the doors of parked cars opening without warning into your path!

2. Give cyclists a wide berth

It can be nerve-racking having to pass a cyclist on your driving test, particularly when you’re on a busy road with traffic coming the other way. Our instructors in Brixton urge you not to rush if you do become stuck behind a cyclist. You should aim to give cyclists a berth of 1.5 metres, so don’t be tempted to overtake until it’s safe to give them the room they need.

3. Drive defensively

London drivers are some of the most aggressive in the UK. So, don’t rely on the drivers around you to behave well in order to keep you and other road users safe. On your driving test, you should expect the unexpected from other road users, and tailor the way you drive accordingly.