Croydon Test Centre

All you need to know about Croydon Test Centre in one place.

Last updated: 6 Sep 2019

Croydon Test Centre is conveniently located for anyone living in Croydon or parts of South East London such as Selhurst and Crystal Palace. Located in a residential area just off the A23, you’re likely to come across a mixture of suburban roads and dual carriageways if you take your test here. Just a short way along the A236 you can find Mitcham Test Centre, which is likely to have fairly similar routes.


Croydon Test Centre: 111 Canterbury Road, Croydon, Greater London, CR0 3HH

Contact information

02086 845422 (this phone number cannot be used to book a driving test.)


There is limited parking available at Croydon Test Centre, so if you can avoid bringing a car other than the one in which you’ll be taking your test, that’s probably a safe option.


This test centre has male and female toilets for learners to access.

Pass rates

Croydon Test Centre’s pass rate for 2017-18 was 37.6%. The national average was 46.3%, so Croydon was a fair way below average. Don’t let that put you off too much though - it’s not unusual for urban-based test centres to have a lower pass rate, and Croydon’s pass rate is pretty standard for London!

Booking your test

To book a test at Croydon Test Centre, just go online or call the DVSA on 0300 200 1122. You might need to book a while in advance, but don’t worry because you can use these same details to cancel or reschedule your test if you need to. You’ll need to give at least three working days’ notice to reschedule free of charge or receive a full refund.