Driving Lessons in Wembley

Pass faster with our Wembley learner driver guide

Last updated: 12 Aug 2020

Driving lessons in Wembley

The most popular areas include:

Alperton, Greenford, Harrow, Monks Park, Northolt, North Wembley, Perivale, Preston, Stonebridge and Sudbury.

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Learning to drive in Wembley

Wembley, like a lot of London, is a very built-up area - so it can be a tricky place for learner drivers.

Your instructor will start you out in a quiet residential area, like Sudbury or North Wembley. Sudbury is particularly handy if you want to practise hill starts, whereas North Wembley has some wider roads like Norval Road, which make it better suited to manoeuvre practice. While you’re getting to grips with the basics, you’ll want to avoid the roads around Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena, especially on the day of events, as they’ll be packed with cars.

Once you’re feeling more experienced, you’ll want to get some time on the bigger roads, like the North Circular, or the A40. They’re both excellent for testing out your skills at higher speeds, just make sure you keep up your usual checks and don’t forget your lane positioning - both roads are three lanes around Wembley. If you can get comfortable on these busy roads, you’ll be well prepared for the pressure of your test!

Taking your test in Wembley

The closest test centre to Wembley is the Greenford Test Centre (check it out below). Whilst the DVSA doesn’t publish test routes anymore, your instructor will help you get to know the roads around your chosen test centre.

The Greenford Test Centre is in a residential area, so be prepared for 30 mph roads, and the possibility of a manoeuvre early in your test. Robin Hood Lane is where you’ll start out. From there you’ll take to Horsenden Lane or you could end up heading north along Melville Avenue to the A4090, which can get quite busy. From there might go onto the A4127, or move back onto residential roads, so be prepared for both!

When it comes to the big day, make sure you’re confident on major and minor roads, so you’ve got the best chance of passing your test on the roads around Wembley. Try and stay relaxed, and drive as you would if it was your instructor sitting next to you!

Driving test centre locations in Wembley

When you’re feeling ready for your test, your instructor will help you choose the test centre that’s best for you. After that’s decided, they’ll get you learning all the routes around your chosen centre. There are three test centres in and around the Wembley area:

  • Greenford (London): 96 Horsenden Lane North, Greenford, Greater London, UB6 7QH
  • Greenford (Whitton Ave East): 8th Greenford Scout Group The Lodge, Whitton Avenue East, Greenford, Greater London, UB6 0JU-
  • Southall (London): 295 Allenby Road, Southall, Greater London, UB1 2HD

Manual vs automatic

Deciding between manual and automatic driving lessons is a big decision. A manual licence will let you drive both manual and automatic vehicles, whereas an automatic licence will restrict you to an automatic. Automatic lessons also tend to be pricier because there are fewer automatic instructors, but there tends to be less to get your head around, so you could pass quicker.

Think about when and where you’ll be driving in Wembley. If you plan to drive around during rush hour you might prefer a manual so you don’t have to change gears all the time in stop-start traffic. However, if you’re planning longer journeys, you might prefer the freedom a manual transmission provides.