Driving lessons in Romford

The complete guide to selecting a driving school and passing your driving test in Romford.

How to choose a driving school in Romford

You should have an instructor who:

  • Encourages you
  • Makes it fun to learn
  • Won’t empty your pockets!

That’s why it’s good to do these 4 things:

1. Compare reviews

Driving schools in Romford present their best testimonials on their websites, but these are often specially selected for display. Remember to visit independent review sites like Trustpilot for a more rounded view of a driving school’s performance.

2. Beware of terms and conditions

If you block book lessons with some schools in Romford, you have a six-month period before your hours become invalid. check how long the hours you are buying are valid for just in case you end up needing to pause your lessons.

3. Check that you can switch instructors

Some schools in Romford may not let you swap instructors, especially if you've block booked lessons or you're learning with an independent instructor. If you want the option to swap should the need arise, check that you can before you commit to a school.

4. Avoid long waiting times

You might not be able to find the official waiting times with some schools in Romford. It’s likely you will only come across them when you are midway through booking your lessons on their website. Be sure to ask about how long you’d need to wait for your first lesson before you make any commitments.

Choosing between manual and automatic

You should decide if you want manual or automatic driving lessons before you book.

If you think you’ll be driving through Romford’s rush hour you might want to consider an automatic. The town centre is encircled by a complex dual carriage ring road with pedestrian crossings and junctions. An automatic would be useful here as you wouldn’t have to worry about the clutch or changing gears.

Automatics may sound perfect, but let’s look at the other side too. Manual cars cost less to buy and maintain. People also like that feeling of control that only a manual can give.

Finally, know that manual licences allow you to drive both automatics and manual cars. Whereas with an automatic licence is just for automatics.

With all that in mind, make the choice that’s right for you!

Choosing your test centre

Your instructor will help you practise the routes that are likely to come up in your driving test. Only Hornchurch Test Centre is within the Romford postcode, but there are others close to your area.

Test centre pass rates


DVSA practical car test pass rates, 2018-2019.

Barking (Tanner Street) Test Centre | Pass rate: 34.2%

Barking is one of the toughest places in the UK to pass your driving test. You'll find it in between a residential area and the A123.

Address: 84 Tanner Street, Barking, Essex, Greater London, IG11 8QF

Erith Test Centre | Pass Rate: 34.1%

Erith Test Centre is also difficult to pass in, as shown by its low pass rate. Prepare for main roads like the A2016 and A2041 nearby.

Address: Crabtree, Manor Way North, Erith, Kent, DA17 6LJ

Goodmayes Test Centre | Pass rate: 37.2%

You should prepare for dual carriageways if you take your test at Goodmayes Test Centre. The A12 and A406 are likely to come up on your practical.

Address: 98 Goodmayes Road, Ilford, Greater London, IG3 9UZ

Hornchurch Test Centre | Pass rate: 46.4%

You’ll find Hornchurch Test Centre to the left of 'Charisma' beauty lounge on Station Lane. The test routes here can involve either Hornchurch’s busy centre or its quiet residential estates.

Address: 75 Station Lane, Romford, RM12 6JX

Check out the DVSA page to find your nearest Driving Test Centre.

Test tips from Romford instructors

1. Take care on the A12

The A12 will likely come up if you’re taking your test at Hornchurch Test Centre. Maintain correct lane positioning as it branches off into three lanes and gets tricky when Pettits Lane crosses with the A12 dual carriageway.

2. Keep calm on roundabouts

The test at Goodmayes Driving Centre could feature a dual roundabout on Winston Way and London Road. This has tripped up some learners who took their test here. Make sure to watch your lane positioning and above all, keep calm.

3. Take a driving lesson beforehand

You could get a final driving lesson for some extra practice and go over any roads you’re worried about. With that bonus experience, you should get a confidence boost which will certainly help in your practical test.

Where can you have driving lessons in Romford?

Some of the top areas in Romford are:

Becontree, Collier Row, Dagenham, Grays, Harold Wood, Hornchurch, Ockendon, Purfleet, Rainham and Upminster.

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