Driving Lessons in Twickenham

The complete guide to selecting a driving school and passing your driving test in Twickenham.

How to choose a driving school in Twickenham

You need an instructor who:

  • Encourages you
  • Makes learning fun
  • Won’t cost a fortune!

That's why you should do these 4 things:

1. Compare reviews

Finding reliable review sources is important when deciding which driving school is right for you. See what your fellow learners in Twickenham had to say by looking at trustworthy review itsites.

2. Beware of terms and conditions

Some schools in Twickenham won’t refund any unused hours when you don't complete all of your block booked lessons. So make sure to check the school’s terms and conditions before you pay for any block bookings.

3. Check that you can switch instructors

If things aren’t going well with your instructor, you’ll want to make sure you can get a replacement at your school. However, some schools in Twickenham may not let you switch instructors. With that in mind, it's a good idea to see whether you can change instructors before you book your lessons.

4. Avoid long waiting times

You should always enquire about waiting times before you book your lessons, as most schools in Twickenham don’t publish them. This will help you know when you’ll start your lessons before you have to pay.

Choosing between manual and automatic

Before booking your first driving lesson, you should choose whether you want manual or automatic driving lessons.

Automatic cars are easier to learn in as they don’t have a clutch pedal, just one for braking and one for accelerating.

Main roads like the A316 near Twickenham Stadium can have heavy traffic so you might find an automatic easier here as you won’t need to change gears constantly.

However, manual cars are cheaper to buy and maintain in comparison to automatic cars. Manual cars also give you the chance to anticipate changes in terrain that might affect speed, like when you’re approaching a hill.

Remember that automatic licences will only let you drive automatic cars, whereas manual licences let you drive manuals and automatics. So you might prefer a manual licence if you’re looking for more flexibility. There are pros to both so the choice is down to you.

Choosing your test centre

Your instructor will help you practise the routes that are likely to come up in your driving test. Here are the driving test centres near you and their pass rates.

Test centre pass rates


DVSA practical car test pass rates, 2018-2019.

Ashford Test Centre | Pass rate: 49.3%

Prepare for a fair share of roundabouts if you take your test at Ashford Test Centre. And watch out, there aren't any toilets at the test centre, so don't get caught short.

Address: 18/19 Fir Tree Place, Church Road, Ashford, Greater London, TW15 2PJ

Isleworth Test Centre | Pass rate: 42.2%

Isleworth Test Centre’s pass rate is slightly below the UK national average. But if you live near the Isleworth, Richmond or Hounslow areas, then Isleworth Test Centre is a good option as you’ll be taking your test in an area you’re more familiar with.

Address: Unit 8, The Wireless Factory, Fleming Way, Isleworth, TW7 6DB

Check out the DVSA page to find your nearest Driving Test Centre.

Test tips from Twickenham instructors

1.Watch out for parked cars

At either test centre, you might drive down some narrow suburban roads on your practical test. This means there’ll be lots of parked cars to look out for. Make sure to keep a safe passing distance and keep an eye out for any pedestrians crossing from behind parked cars.

2. Take care on roundabouts

The driving routes, especially at Ashford Test Centre, will likely feature lots of roundabouts including Convent Way, Church Road, and Kingston Road. So pay attention to road signs and markings, and remember your MSPSL routine (Mirror, Signal, Position, Speed, Look).

3. Bring everything you need

You’ll need to bring your provisional driving licence and your theory test pass certificate with you on the day of your practical test. If you forget them, your test will be cancelled and you won't be refunded.

4. Check the parking situation

Ashford Test Centre does not have parking available. So if you take your test here, be sure to plan ahead and check out any potential parking spots near the centre.

5. Book a driving lesson beforehand

Having one more lesson right before your practical test will give you a confidence boost. It should remove any nerves you have and you could use the time to go over any roads you suspect will come up on the test.

Where can you take lessons in Twickenham

Some of the top areas in Twickenham are:

Ashford, Brentford, Egham, Feltham, Hampton, Heston, Hounslow, Kew, Richmond and St Margarets.

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