Southall Test Centre

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Last updated: 6 Sep 2019

Southall Test Centre is situated on a busy road, so make sure you’re confident with urban driving if you choose this test centre location. A few areas that could come up on a test here are Greenford, Dormers Wells and the areas surrounding the Ruislip Road roundabout. As well as being convenient for learners from Southall, it’s likely to be your closest test centre if you’re from other parts of West London such as Ealing or Acton.


Southall Test Centre: 295 Allenby Road, Southall, Greater London, UB1 2HD

Contact information

020 8813 2965 (please note that this number cannot be used to book a test.)


Southall Test Centre has car parking spaces available. Please park in the church car park off Bycroft Road and walk up to the test centre.


It might be wise to go for a safety wee before travelling to your driving test as there are no toilets available at this test centre!


There is ramp access available for wheelchair users.

Pass rates

In 2017-18, the pass rate for Southall Test Centre fell from 42% to 39.4%. This is quite a bit below the national average of 46.3%, but fairly average for a London-based test centre. Driving in London can have its extra challenges such as aggressive drivers and heavy traffic, so just make sure that you have plenty of practice driving in these conditions if you’re planning on taking your test in any London location.

Booking your test

Have you decided to book a test at Southall Test Centre? If so, you can book online or by calling the DVSA on 0300 200 1122. Don’t worry if you need to cancel your test later on. As long as you give at least three working days’ notice, you can do so by using these same details, and you’ll be eligible for a full refund or to reschedule your test at no additional cost.