Will my driving test be cancelled due to snow?

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Last updated: 14 Nov 2019

If you’re taking your driving test in the winter months, there’s a chance you’ll have some tricky weather to contend with - although you may well have had some practice dealing with this in your driving lessons. If you do wake up on the morning of your driving test to snow and ice, you’ll need to find out if it’s safe for your driving test to go ahead as planned.

Here we look at what the DVSA procedures for adverse weather conditions and cancelled driving tests are, so that you know exactly what to do.

The DVSA procedure

It’s unusual for a driving test to be cancelled, but if the weather is deemed to be unsafe to drive in, the DVSA will have no choice but to cancel it.

Their procedure for cancelled driving tests, as outlined at Gov.uk, is:

Call your test centre if there is snow or ice in your local area on the day of your driving test.

If your test is in the morning, call the test centre as soon as you can. If it’s booked in the afternoon, call later in the morning.

If no one answers the phone, it’s likely they are:

– checking the local roads to see if driving tests can go ahead – taking driving tests because the conditions are suitable

If you can’t get through to the test centre, go there in time for your test. Don’t assume your driving test has been cancelled, because you might have to pay again for your rescheduled test if you don’t turn up.

If your test is cancelled

If your driving test is cancelled because of snow, you will usually be sent a new driving test date within 3 working days. This could take up to 7 days when the bad weather continues for longer. You will not have to pay again for your rescheduled test.

If your driving test is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, you will not be able to claim any out-of-pocket expenses.