How much do driving lessons cost?

Find out how much driving lessons cost and what other costs you need to look out for

How much do driving lessons cost?

According to the DVSA, the average driving lesson price in the UK is £24 an hour and the average learner takes 47 hours of driving lessons before passing the driving test. That brings the average cost of driving lessons to £1,128.

How much are driving lessons really?

Driving lesson prices can vary based on a number of factors, including:

  • Your instructor’s rates
  • Your chosen transmission type
  • Where you live
  • How you learn
  • Any discounts

1. Your instructor’s rates

Driving lessons price per hour can vary based on your instructor’s level of experience and demand.

2. Your chosen transmission type

Usually, automatic driving lessons cost more than manual.

3. Your area

The average driving lesson cost is higher in some areas than it is in others. London is more expensive than Sunderland, for example.

4. How you learn

Intensive driving course prices tend to be higher per hour than buying a longer-term driving lesson package.

5. Any discounts

Usually, driving lessons cost less if you book them in blocks - the more hours you book, the cheaper the cost per hour.

However, you don’t just need to look at hourly driving lesson prices. You also need to consider how many lessons it’ll take you to pass. Read up on how you can pass your test quickly to save on the cost of driving lessons.

Are low driving lesson prices worth it?

Remember, price shouldn’t be your only factor when you’re looking for an instructor. You should think about instructor quality as well. For example, choosing an instructor who is cheap but not fully qualified could cost you more in the long run. You might end up needing multiple lessons to cover a topic a fully qualified instructor would have taught you in one!

What other factors can add to the cost of learning to drive?

If you’re wondering ‘how much does it cost to learn to drive’, you’ll have to think about more than just the driving lessons. Let’s explore how much you’ll have to pay for the rest of the learn-to-drive process.

1. How much does a provisional licence cost?

The first step in the process of learning to drive is applying for your provisional licence. This costs £34 when you purchase online at GOV.UK and £43 by post.

2. How much does a theory test cost?

The cost of a car theory test is £25. You can pay for and book your theory test at GOV.UK. The pass rate for the theory test was only 47.4% in 2018-19 though, so it might be wise to budget for a couple of theory tests just in case!

3. How much does a practical driving test cost?

The cost of a practical car driving test depends on when you take it. Tests taken on weekdays cost £62, whilst driving tests taken on evenings, weekends and bank holidays cost £75. The pass rate for the practical driving test was 45.7% in 2018-19, and if you don’t pass first time you’ll have to pay the full price again for another driving test. You can pay for and book your practical driving test at GOV.UK.

How much can private practice save you on driving lesson costs?

Private practice gives you the chance to hone your skills between driving lessons, enabling you to take fewer driving lessons before passing the practical test. Let’s say that with private practice you manage to take 10 fewer hours of driving lessons - that could save you £240 if we use the average driving lesson cost of £24.

However, private practice does involve some costs - you’ll need to get learner driver insurance and make sure you’ve got a set of L-plates to stick on your car.

A number of insurance providers offer insurance policies for learner drivers and prices aren’t as high as you might expect them to be - particularly if you go with a company who specialises in car insurance for new drivers.

Budgeting for the cost of driving lessons

There are certain costs you’ll have to prepare for when learning to drive, but the financial side of things will be much more manageable if you know what to expect.

Whether it’s you, your family or a mixture of both who’ll be paying for your driving lessons, you should take the time to come up with a budgeting plan. Don’t, however, try to set yourself too rigid a time frame to pass your driving test in, because everyone learns at a different pace.

How much is a driving lesson near me?

Driving lesson costs vary depending on where you live. Enter your postcode to see driving lesson prices near you.