How to reverse around a corner (left corner reverse)

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Last updated: 12 Nov 2019

Reverse around a corner is no longer part of the driving test, but it's well worth learning. In the list of things that make learners nervous, reverse around a corner is right up there with parallel parking and roundabouts. However, it really is easier than it looks. With a supportive driving instructor, a few driving lessons and some handy tips from us, you’ll have mastered this tricky manoeuvre in no time at all.

How to reverse around a corner

Added tips

  1. Be careful of the natural curvature or ‘camber’ of the road. A particularly pronounced camber can catch unwary drivers out, causing them to roll into the kerb.
  2. Stick to a slow walking speed. Doing the manoeuvre at breakneck speed won’t impress your examiner.
  3. Listen carefully when your driving instructor tells you about ‘reference points’.

Video transcript

  1. Pull up on the left hand side of the road, about two lengths past the junction and half a metre from the kerb. Don’t mislead other motorists by indicating too early.
  2. Select reverse gear and check all around you, including blind spots. Reverse very slowly, keeping your wheel straight. You should be able to see the corner in your rear windscreen.
  3. Continue until you reach your turning point. This is when the kerb appears in the side window.
  4. Check over your right shoulder before turning your wheel to the left. With a curved corner, you’ll have to turn gradually. Make continual observations.
  5. As you reverse, the kerb will disappear from the side window and reappear in the rear windscreen. When this happens, gradually turn your wheel back to the right until it’s straight.
  6. You should still be half a metre away from the kerb. Once you have secured the car, the manoeuvre is complete.

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