How to do deal with driving test nerves

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Last updated: 12 Nov 2019

You’re bound to be nervous on the day of your driving test. It’s something you’ve probably spent months preparing for, and it’s finally arrived. In fact, it would be weird not to feel a few butterflies on test day, but getting so nervous that you start to make mistakes can be a problem.

Here we look at the best ways to tackle driving test nerves so that you can make sure you ace it first time on the day.

Preparation is key

The most important thing to remember is that your driving instructor wouldn’t have put you forwards for your test if you weren’t ready. You’ve shown that you're able to drive at test standard during your driving lessons, and no amount of driving test nerves is going to change that. Think of your driving test as the time to show your hard work paying off, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Telling yourself this is your only chance is a) not true and b) not going to do you any favours.

Eat something

Make sure you eat something before your driving test, even if it’s the last thing you feel like doing. Taking your driving test on an empty stomach is not only going to mean you get very hungry, but it’s also not going to do anything for your concentration. You need to have some brain food to keep you alert and on top of your game, so make sure you eat something – even if it’s just a banana you can manage!

Get some sleep

We all know getting a good night’s sleep the night before an important exam, test or event is easier said than done. Don’t put too much pressure on going to bed early the night before your driving test because if you’re not tired, you won’t get to sleep and that will only make you more nervous. Do something relaxing like taking a bath or reading a book (yes, a book) before you go to bed.

Keep it a secret

Telling everyone when you’re taking your driving test can pile the pressure on. Try to only tell a handful of people (if you want to tell any at all), and then you won’t have to worry about any expectant texts waiting for you when you’ve finished your test. If you pass, it’s an amazing surprise… if you fail, no one needs to know.

Remember, it’s not the end of the world

Yes, it’s very disappointing when you fail a driving test, but it’s really not the end of the world. Try to think of your test as just another drive rather than the be all and end all, and remember, failing is NOT the end of the world.

Everyone gets nervous before exams, and those who say they don’t are probably lying. A few nerves can help keep you alert and aware, but too many and they can be more a hindrance than a help. In this video we’ll take you through a handful of tips and tricks to help you deal with them!

Whatever you do to relax before your test, don’t let driving test nerves get the better of you. Good luck!