Driving Lessons in Woking

Our comprehensive guide to passing your test in Woking

How to choose a driving instructor in Woking

Time to find a driving instructor in Woking? You need someone who:

  • Encourages you
  • Makes learning fun
  • Won’t charge a fortune!

So, when you’re choosing a driving school in Woking, follow these 4 steps:

1. Compare reviews

If a driving school in Woking is as good as it says it is, it should have customer testimonials to support that. Don’t just rely on reviews that the school posts on their website - instead, head to independent review sites.

2. Beware of terms and conditions

You want to know exactly what to expect when you splash out on a driving lesson package. However, some driving schools in Woking have policies you might not expect, like driving lessons expiring if you don’t use them up a short time after you purchase them. Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully so you don’t get caught by surprise.

3. Check that you can switch instructors

Nobody expects to need a new driving instructor, but it’s important to check that you’d be able to switch instructors if the need arose. Many driving schools in Woking don’t state on their websites what their policies are when it comes to changing driving instructors.

4. Avoid long waiting times

Why wait weeks for your first driving lesson if you don’t have to? Some driving schools in Woking don’t advertise their waiting times, so make sure you enquire before booking your driving lessons. In an ideal world, you’d get started as soon as possible!

Tips for learning to drive in Woking

When it comes to learning to drive, practice makes perfect. And luckily, there are plenty of great places to practise between your driving lessons in Woking!

Local driving instructors in Woking have recommended a few of their favourite spots:

  • Ashwood Road: Ashwood Road and the neighbouring Heathside Park Road are wide, quiet residential streets perfect for some practice without pressure from other road users. Use the flat sections to get to grips with steering and clutch control, or head further up to perfect your hill starts.

  • Morrisons roundabouts: If you start off at Morrisons and head towards Vale Farm Road, you’ll encounter a mini-roundabout and then build up to two full-sized roundabouts. Our driving instructors in Woking say that this is a great spot to get your head around these tricky road systems.

  • One-way system: Near Woking Station, you’ll find a number of one-way streets, including Chertsey Road and Duke Street. Head here to get some experience reading and responding to road signs without the comfort of a sat nav.

  • The A3: According to our driving instructors in Woking, it’s vital that you get comfortable with dual carriageway driving before taking your driving test. The A3 is a great spot to get familiar with slip roads and changing lanes.

  • Newark Lane: You’ll need to get some practice judging the appropriate speed to drive at on winding rural roads. So, have a go driving along Newark Lane towards Ripley. It’s mostly a national speed limit road, but that’s not always the most sensible speed!

Choosing your test centre

Once you’re starting to get confident during your driving lessons in Woking, your instructor will let you know that it’s time to choose a test centre. There are two near Woking, so once you’ve chosen one your instructor will introduce you to the routes that are likely to crop up on your driving test.

Test centre pass rates

UK average

DVSA practical car test pass rates, 2019-20.

Chertsey Test Centre | Pass rate: 48.4%

If you choose to take your driving test at Chertsey Test Centre, your first challenge will be the huge box junction outside the test centre gates! Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll encounter a range of urban and rural roads - the test centre is near the town centre but just a stone’s throw from rural roads like Hardwick Lane.

Address: Unit 4, The Forum, Hanworth Lane, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 9JX

Guildford Test Centre | Pass rate: 50.5%

Although both of the test centres near Woking have healthy pass rates, Guildford Test Centre’s pass rate is particularly healthy as it’s far over the national average of 46.4%. Be aware that there are only limited parking spaces available at the test centre, so you may want to arrive early to ensure you’re not stuck for a place to park.

Address: Slyfield Industrial Estate, off Moorfield Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1SA

To view a full list of test centres near you, enter your postcode on the DVSA website.

Test tips from driving instructors in Woking

When it comes to passing your driving test, local driving instructors in Woking have got all the info you need! Here are a few of their top tips:

1. Take care on rural roads

It can be tempting to drive at the maximum speed permissible on rural roads, but that’s not always appropriate if they’re winding and narrow - particularly in bad weather! So, make sure you tailor your speed to match the road conditions.

2. Remember your observations!

local driving instructors in Woking say that many learners pick up faults on their driving test by forgetting to observe adequately. Make sure that you remember you MSPSL routine and check your mirrors whenever you’re in doubt!

3. Drive defensively

Don’t assume that other drivers will drive well, particularly when you’re in a busy urban area like some parts of Northampton. Instead, expect the unexpected and tailor your own driving accordingly.

Choosing between manual and automatic

Struggling to choose between manual and automatic driving lessons? Let’s take a look at the benefits of each in Woking.

Automatic cars tend to be particularly attractive in urban environments, as they’re more relaxing in stop-start traffic. So, if you’re planning on getting a car as a runaround within Woking or to drive into London with, you may decide that an automatic is the way to go. Plus there’s less to get your head around which means you could learn to drive quicker as a result.

On the other hand, manual cars offer a greater sense of control that many drivers prefer, especially when travelling longer distances along motorways, dual carriageways or country roads. If you’re planning on escaping the suburbs regularly for roadtrips or country jaunts, you might prefer a manual car. The other benefit of manual driving lessons is that they tend to be cheaper. So although you might need a few more lessons, you might not actually end up spending more. Manual cars tend to be cheaper to buy and hire too.

The last thing to bear in mind is that an automatic driving licence only qualifies you to drive automatic cars. A manual licence, however, qualifies you to drive both manuals and automatics, so it gives you more flexibility in the long run.

Driving lessons in Woking

Popular areas to learn to drive include:

Brookwood, Hook Heath, Horsell, Goldsworth Park, Kingfield, Knaphill, Maybury, Sheerwater, St Johns, West Byfleet and Westfield.

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