Driving Lessons in Lancaster

The complete guide for learner drivers in Lancaster

Last updated: 12 Aug 2020

Driving lessons in Lancaster

Some of the most popular areas include:

Arkholme, Aughton, Carnforth, Galgate, Halton, Heysham, Middleton, Morecambe, Quernmore and Sunderland.

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Learning to drive in Lancaster

The mix of medieval sights and hilltop walks certainly makes Lancaster a scenic area to learn how to drive. It’s got a handful of tight, interweaving roads, especially near Lancaster station.

For brand new drivers, Westbourne Road is a great place to start. It’s wide, easy to navigate and has a gentle 20 mph speed limit, perfect for improving your driving basics like moving off, stopping and signalling. Once you're feeling a little more confident, there are some tight corners to master in the housing complex that’s South of Scotch Quarry urban park.

The A6 is a straight single carriageway through the city of Lancaster and offers the chance to practise more advanced skills with The Pointer roundabout. You'll want to get some dual carriageway practice when you feel ready, and the dual carriageway stretch of the A683 will give you that vital experience changing lanes and merging back into one lane at the end. While you won't get assessed on motorways during your test, you could also take to the M6 when you're with your Midrive instructor in a dual control car, to really challenge yourself.

Lancaster is a friendly place for learner drivers no matter where you are in the learner journey. And of course, one of our top-rated driving instructors will be right there with you!

Taking your test in Lancaster

The more practice you get, the more confidence you’ll have in your driving test. The DVSA no longer publishes the test routes, but your instructor is ready to ensure you’re as prepared as possible for your test.

The Heysham Driving Test Centre is stationed on Penrod Way and there are some nice wide roads near the test centre like Heysham Road and Marine Road East, so that should help the test go smoothly. You might head towards Middleton and Overton down Middleton road. It might be hard to judge the right speed to drive at on this winding road, so make sure you feel confident with country road driving before you take your test!

Alternatively, your examiner might ask you to head into Lancaster city. This would be a change of pace, with more traffic and box junctions like Dalton Square. Whichever route you're asked to take, you're likely to encounter at least a couple of roundabouts - whether that's on the busy A683, Morecambe Road, or the A6. Master the art of roundabouts and you’ll ace this test!

We know it must seem daunting but your test is only 40 minutes long and we know you’ll be well prepared for it. So take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the drive!

Driving test centre locations

There is one test centre in Lancaster:

  • Heysham: 5 Penrod Way, Heysham, Lancashire, LA3 2UZ

Manual and automatic driving lessons

Lancaster is ready for you, whether you want manual or automatic driving lessons.

An automatic car is easier to get to grips with when you’re just starting out, since there’s no clutch to deal with. It also makes hill starts easier, which could be handy in Lancaster. However, keep in mind that automatics are more expensive to buy and maintain. Getting an automatic licence would only qualify you to drive automatic cars.

A manual licence lets you drive both manuals and automatics. If you see yourself commuting via the M6 or A683 on a regular basis, a manual car would be better for mileage and could give you a greater sense of control. You would save money on fuel and manual cars are much easier to repair and maintain. Though they take longer to get used to and might be harder to use uphill. There are good things about both so the choice is yours!