Driving Lessons in Ipswich

Pass faster with our guide to learning to drive in Ipswich

Last updated: 12 Aug 2020

Driving lessons in Ipswich

Some of our most popular areas are:

Bury St Edmunds, Castle Hill, Chantry, Felixstowe, Kesgrave, Needham Market, Stowmarket, Westbourne, Whitton and Woodbridge.

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Learning to drive in Ipswich

If you’re learning to drive in Ipswich, you’ll have to contend with heavy traffic and a rabbit warren of one-way streets. Even sat-navs can get befuddled by these roads, so familiarity is key!

There are plenty of places to practise if you’re just starting out. Take Kesgrave for example, on the eastern edge of Ipswich. Here, quiet, residential streets offer the perfect place for new drivers to learn safely and steadily, without the pressure of busy roads. Orchard Grove is a long, straight road that’s part of it, excellent for getting used to moving off and stopping, driving around parked vehicles, and more of the basics. Cambridge Road offers similar opportunities.

If instead you’re looking for dual carriageway practice, get yourself on the A14. It runs along the south of Ipswich and wraps up the western side heading north through Claydon. The A1214 running through the middle of Ipswich offers a different kind of challenge. It’s a busy road which runs through plenty of junctions and roundabouts - a good one to practise!

Country roads are all around Ipswich as well, so you’ll want to get some experience on them. We recommend Tuddenham Road which leads out to Tuddenham. It’s narrow, but it’s well signposted for blind bends and hidden junctions. You’ll need to be ready for sudden changes in speed, so it’s a good test of your hazard perception.

Manual and automatic driving lessons

__Choose betweem manual and automatic lessons in Ipswich

Everyone’s different when it comes to deciding which type of lessons they want. For some, automatic is preferable as there’s less to get to grips with. Others prefer the freedom of a manual licence, which allows you to drive both manual and automatic vehicles after passing your test.

If you’re on a budget in Ipswich, manual might be what you’re after, as automatic lessons tend to be more expensive. This is because there are fewer automatic instructors around, so they’re in higher demand. On the other hand, if you hate traffic and you expect to be stuck in it often, an automatic might suit you more. Automatics do away with the clutch so you won’t have to worry about constantly changing gears in a queue. Take some time before you decide what’s best for you!

Driving test centre locations

Your instructor will tell you when they think you’re ready for your test, and from then on they’ll ensure you’re learning all the right routes for your test. Ipswich has just the one test centre:

  • Ipswich: Wentworth Road, Ransomes Europark, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9SW