Driving Lessons in Guildford

Pass faster with our learn to drive guide in Guildford.

Last updated: 12 Aug 2020

Driving lessons in Guildford

Top areas include:

Woodbridge Hill, Stoughton, Onslow Village, Farncombe, Pattenham, Godalming, Hurtmore, Compton, West Clandon, Sutton Green, Palmers Cross, Peaslake and Chilworth.

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Learning to drive in Guildford

Learners in Guildford will get to experience the medieval castle as you are having your driving lessons in the town centre. Make sure to keep your eyes on the road, because the town centre will be included on the Guildford driving test route!

There’s plenty of crossroads, busy junctions and roundabouts to get to grips with as well as some fantastic winding country lanes which will give you some interesting real-time hazard perception experience too. Our tip is to get some rural driving experience before you take your test, as some test routes will include this.

Manual and automatic driving lessons

Everyone has their own learning style, that’s why at Midrive we provide both manual and automatic driving instructors to give you a choice. If you can’t decide which type of car to learn in, it’s worth keeping in mind that manual car involves a little more to remember, but the lessons are often a little cheaper compared to automatic lessons. Automatic driving lessons can have slightly higher costs due to there being on average fewer available instructors.