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How to choose a driving school in Daventry

You won’t find it hard to find a driving instructor in Daventry. But you don’t want to learn with just any instructor. You deserve someone who:

  • Makes you feel supported
  • Makes it fun to learn
  • Won’t cost an arm and a leg!

That’s why it’s important to do these 4 things when you’re picking a driving school in Daventry:

1. Compare reviews

If you don’t have someone who can give you a word of mouth recommendation, reading reviews is the next best thing. However, most driving schools in Daventry only post their best reviews on their websites.

2. Beware of terms and conditions

They might not always be the most thrilling read, but getting fully informed on the Ts and Cs of any driving school you’re considering is the best way to make sure you don’t fall victim to any deals that really are just too good to be true. For example, some driving schools in Daventry won’t refund you for any unused hours if you pass your test before you’ve used up your full driving lesson package.

3. Check that you can switch instructors

Even if you do everything right when you’re picking a driving instructor in Daventry, there’s no guarantee that your learning style will match your instructor’s teaching style. That’s why you should pick a driving school in Daventry that will let you switch instructors for free if the need arises.

4. Avoid long waiting times

Many driving schools in Daventry don’t give their waiting times on their websites. This means that you could end up booking driving lessons only to discover that you have to wait weeks before your first lesson, especially if you want to learn during peak times. Make sure you enquire about waiting times before you commit yourself to a school.

Tips for learning to drive in Daventry

Looking to up your driving skills in Daventry? There are plenty of areas perfect for some private practice between lessons. Our driving instructors in Daventry have given us a few of their favourite practice spots to get you going.

  • High March Industrial Estate: If you’re new to the wheel, this is a great spot to get used to the basics like clutch control and steering because of its wide, usually quiet, roads. It’s also a great place to return to once you’re getting to grips with new skills like manoeuvres or hill starts.

  • Braunston Road: Head down Braunston Road onto Eastern Way and you’ll encounter a succession of six roundabouts, one after the other. Our driving instructors in Daventry say there’s no better place to nail your roundabout driving. Once you get used to these, try doing the same thing but ending on Leamington Way instead to add some new roundabouts into the mix.

  • The B4036: If you’re looking to improve your urban driving, you can’t go wrong with the B4036. It’s a busy road full of traffic lights, mini-roundabouts and junctions. Keep your eyes peeled for pedestrians and be sure to drive defensively.

  • Daneholme Avenue: Daneholme Avenue is a residential road on a steep incline. It’s usually quiet, so our driving instructors in Daventry say it’s a brilliant spot to perfect your hill starts. Just make sure that you leave plenty of space behind you before you attempt one (unless you’re already mastering them!).

  • Daventry Road: It’s important that you get some practice driving on winding rural roads like Daventry Road. On most, you’re permitted to drive at the national speed limit. However, that’s not always the most sensible speed to drive at, so you’ll need to get comfortable judging the best speed, especially taking into account weather conditions.

Choosing your test centre

When you’re starting to get confident during your driving lessons in Daventry, your instructor will let you know that it’s time to choose a driving test centre. Most of the nearby test centres are a fair drive away, so your instructor may start to introduce longer lessons so that you can drive to your test centre location and get used to some of the test routes that could come up in your test.

Test centre pass rates

UK average

DVSA practical car test pass rates, 2019-2020.

Banbury Test Centre | Pass rate: 53.1%

On a test at Banbury Test Centre, you’re likely to come across a good mix of country roads, dual carriageways and suburban roads. Luckily, the pass rate is far above the national average of 46.4%.

Address: 3 West Bar Street, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 9SD

Northampton Test Centre | Pass rate: 45.6%

You’ll find Northampton Test Centre near the busy A508, so you can expect some dual carriageway driving to crop up on your test. Whichever way you’re asked to turn out of the test centre, you’re likely to encounter a roundabout pretty early on!

Address: Gladstone Business Centre, Gladstone Road, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN5 7QA

Rugby Test Centre | Pass rate: 53.9%

Rugby Test Centre is located in a quiet residential area about halfway between the town centre and the countryside. So, you can expect both urban and rural driving to come up on a driving test here. As with Banbury Test Centre, Rugby Test Centre has a very healthy pass rate.

Address: Aspect House, 66B Somers Road, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV22 7DH

Enter your postcode on the DVSA website to see more test centres near you.

Test tips from driving instructors in Daventry

Need some pointers for the big day? local driving instructors in Daventry have given us their tips for passing the driving test in the area.

1. Get ready for rural roads

You’re likely to encounter some rural roads if you take your test in the areas surrounding Daventry. It’s easy to default to the national speed limit, but this isn’t always appropriate on narrow roads with sharp corners and blind bends. Make sure you get comfortable with appropriate speeds before taking your driving test.

2. Practise your mirror routines

According to local driving instructors in Daventry, many learners neglet to observe adequately in their driving tests, causing them to pick up faults. It’s important to remember your MSPSL routine, and when in doubt check your mirrors!

3. Bring everything you need

It’s all very well being perfectly prepared for your driving test, but if you forget your provisional driving licence or your theory test pass certificate, you simply won’t be able to take it. So, local driving instructors in Daventry recommend writing a checklist or setting a reminder on your phone - whatever best helps you remember!

Choosing between manual and automatic

Before you book a driving lesson package, you’ll need to choose whether you want manual or automatic driving lessons.

Manual driving lessons will prepare you to pass the test with a manual driving licence, which in turn will qualify you to drive both manual and automatic cars. On the other hand, if you take automatic lessons, you’ll pass with an automatic licence which means you’ll only be qualified to drive automatic cars.

Some drivers prefer to drive automatic cars as they require the driver to do less. In an automatic, you won’t need to change gears and press the clutch pedal each time you come to a standstill, which makes driving in busy urban areas more relaxing. The lack of a clutch also makes hill starts easier. With less to get your head around, you’re likely to find you pass your driving test faster with automatic lessons.

In contrast, manual driving lessons tend to be cheaper, so although you may need more lessons before you’re ready to take your test, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up spending more money. Many drivers prefer to drive a manual car as it gives them a greater sense of control. This is especially the case in rural areas like Daventry, where driving longer distances on dual carriageways and country roads is more usual.

Whichever transmission you choose to learn, we’re sure you’ll love your driving lessons in Daventry!

Driving lessons in Daventry

Some of the most popular locations to learn to drive in Daventry are:

Ashby St Ledgers, Badby, Braunston, Catesby, Dodford, Flecknoe, Norton, Staverton, Weedon Bec and Welton.

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