How to reverse bay park - diagonal method

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Last updated: 3 Jun 2020

Don’t let the reverse bay park trip you up on your driving test! Watch our video and follow our tips and you’ll nail it every time. If you’re unsure about any aspect of reversing around a corner, ask your driving instructor in your driving lessons; they’re qualified professionals who genuinely want to help.

Video transcript

Midrive Bay Parking : Diagonal Park

  1. Pull forwards at a 45 degree angle in front of the bay you want to park in, indicating if necessary.
  2. Observe your surroundings, check your blind spot and identify your target bay.
  3. When you’re sure it’s safe, start slowly reversing.
  4. Keep up observations as you gradually turn your wheel.
  5. Using the bay lines in your side mirrors as a guide, slowly reverse into the bay.
  6. When you are safely within the lines of the bay, your manoeuvre has been completed.