Driving Lessons in Stockport

The complete guide to selecting a driving school and passing your driving test in Stockport.

How to choose a driving school in Stockport

You deserve an instructor who:

  • Makes you feel supported
  • Helps you enjoy learning
  • Won’t empty your pockets!

Be sure to tick these 4 things off your list:

1. Compare reviews

It’s important to find reliable review sources to know which driving school is right for you. See what your fellow learners in Stockport have to say by checking out sites you can trust like Google Reviews, Reviews.io and Trustpilot.

2. Beware of terms and conditions

Some driving schools in Stockport won’t refund unused hours left over at the end of block booked lessons. Make sure you check a driving school’s terms and conditions before buying any lesson packages.

3. Check that you can switch instructors

It's important that you feel supported by your driving instructor and enjoy learning. This might mean you’ll want to switch instructors. Keep in mind that there are schools in Stockport that charge different rates depending on which instructor you learn with, so if you switch, the price of your lessons could increase.

4. Avoid long waiting times

Some driving schools in Stockport will have you waiting a few weeks before you start your lessons. Take waiting times into consideration when choosing a driving school.

Choosing between manual and automatic

Choose whether you want manual or automatic driving lessons before you book lessons.

Automatic cars have pedals for accelerating and braking, but no clutch pedal. Without that third pedal to worry about, an automatic becomes much easier to learn in, meaning you could learn quicker too.

On the other hand, manual cars are cheaper to purchase and can give you a better feeling of control. Manual lessons are more affordable since there are more manual instructors around.

Finally, it's good to know that a manual licence lets you drive both automatics and manuals, whereas an automatic licence only lets you drive automatic cars. A manual license could be a better option unless you’re certain you’re going to stick with automatic cars. It's up to you to decide which is best.

Choosing your test centre

Your learning experience will be much easier once you choose your test centre. Your instructor can help you practice on any roads you suspect will come up on the test. Here are the nearest test centres to you if you live in the Stockport area.

Test centre pass rates

West Didsbury

DVSA practical car test pass rates, 2018-2019.

Bredbury Test Centre | Pass rate: 43.8%

Bredbury Test Centre will have a handful of multi-lane roundabouts like the one on Wakes Road, that might pose a challenge.

Address: Lingard Lane, Bredbury, Stockport, Greater Manchester, SK6 2QT

Cheadle Test Centre | Pass rate: 59.2%

Cheadle Test Centre has an above average pass rate, so it’s great for those in the Greater Manchester area. You’ll find it on the Cheadle Fire Station site.

Address: C/O Fire Station, Turves Road, Cheadle Hulme, Manchester, Greater Manchester, SK8 6AY

Hyde Test Centre | 54.8%

Hyde Test Centre has a good pass rate, but make sure you get there early as there is no car park available. Instead, you can park Perrin Street and the surrounding roads, but these can be busy.

West Didsbury Test Centre | Pass rate: 45.6%

West Didsbury Test Centre has an average pass rate and a good choice for those who are close to the south of Manchester. Be prepared for roundabouts if you take your test here. Address: Unit 11, Christie Park, West Didsbury, Greater Manchester, M21 7QY

Check out the DVSA page to find your nearest Driving Test Centre.

Test tips from Stockport instructors

1. Drive defensively

Since Stockport is near Manchester, the practical test might have you driving towards Manchester city centre where you’ll get lots of congestion. That means it’s particularly important to keep track of the movements of the vehicles in front of you and respond accordingly.

2. Check your blind spots and mirrors

A common reason learners fail their test is that they fail to make the correct observations. Roundabouts like the Brookwood mini-roundabout might come up - this mini roundabout is very busy and has some blind spots, so it can be hard for learner drivers to drive through it. So check your blind spots and your mirrors regularly.

3. Watch your speed

If you’re taking your test at Westbury Test Centre, there are roads outside Townside with a fluctuating speed limit. Keep track of speed signs so you don’t get penalised for going too fast or slow.

4. Check out the parking

If you’re taking your test at Cheadle Test Centre, know that you must arrive 5 minutes before your test and wait inside your car for your examiner. Check out any other rules for your test centre to prevent any problems.

Where can you take lessons in Stockport

We’ve got you covered wherever you are in Stockport, below are just a few of the top areas:

Adswood, Bredbury, Brinnington, Cheadle, Foggbrook, Hazel Grove, Heaton Mersey, Heavily, Offerton and Reddish.

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