Meet the team

The faces behind miDrive™

Simon Hagger

Simon Hagger

CEO and Co-founder

  • Drives a: Volvo XC60
  • Would rather be driving: Audi R8

Simon's the man-in-charge here at miDrive, partially because he worked out pretty much the entire business side of things and partially because he's the only one who's willing to wear a tie [sometimes!].

Si's always the first in the office to try out a new gadget and he's utterly determined to turn our little corner of Kent into the next Silicon Valley. When he's not devouring every startup blog and book he can find, Simon loves to be out in the wilderness with his family. Currently using 'lean' methodology to train the family's new puppy ... and failing fast!

Mel Carr

Mel Carr

Keeper of the calendar

  • Drives an: Audi A4
  • Would rather be driving: Audi Q7

Mel's our kick-arse, take-no-prisoners project manager. She books the meetings, organises who's doing what and makes sure that everyone's where they should be. Without her around, many members of our team (Jonathan) would end up wandering into the sea.

When she's not scheduling our workloads for the next 18 months, Mel's into outdoorsy activities, most of which incorporate the word 'boarding' in some way.

Matt Sutton

Matt Sutton

Product architect and Co-founder

  • Drives a: Vauxhall Astra GTC
  • Would rather be driving: Aggy-looking Lamborghini

It was Matt who first came up with the idea for miDrive and - with help from Simon - developed the idea into the business we've got today. Matt's a designer through-and-through; he tends to leave the numbers to Simon and focuses on creating an amazing product.

While Marc and Simon make things work, Matt makes things pretty. He works through the night to come up beautiful logos, gives up weekends to design the perfect homepage and spends his days in the office turning sketches and notes into a website and app that we're pretty damned proud of.

Simon Wood

Simon Wood

Android evangelist

  • Drives a: Skoda Superb
  • Would rather be driving: McLaren P1

Officially, Simon makes the website work and helps Marc and Matt out when things go wonky, but that's not what he seems to do most of the time. Simon's self-imposed duties as our unofficial Android evangelist keep him busy. He's always bursting into the miDrive office, waving increasingly massive smartphones at us and shouting about what he doesn't like about iPhones. We just let him get on with it; every family need their black sheep.

When he's not trying to convert us, Simon's into gaming (he's fantastic at Minecraft), coding and his family.

Marc Sygrove

Marc Sygrove

Le' Developer Webliotec

  • Drives a: Ford Focus
  • Would rather be driving: Shelby GT500 Cobra

Croissants, macaroons, Marc: these are all things which - despite being French - are actually rather nice. He's often heard telling managers "I never moan, I just express myself loudly" or spotted dashing to the mailroom to pick up his latest eBay bargain (it's almost always LEGO).

Despite all the 'expressing himself', Marc is a vital part of the miDrive team, especially since he's the only one who knows how half of the app stuff actually works.

Andrea Downey

Andrea Downey

UI designer & developer

  • Drives a: Mini
  • Would rather be driving: Aston Martin DB9

Andrea has recently left the dark side (London) to join our small but perfectly formed team in the country. She's responsible for making sure everything looks beautiful on the website, and for rebalancing the male to female ratio in the miDrive office.

Within her first two weeks with miDrive, Andrea had experienced two Christmas parties, a Friday afternoon dance off, and some of Rachael's 'best' jokes. Thankfully for us, she hasn't run screaming for the hills just yet.

Jonathan Dudley

Jonathan Dudley


  • Drives a: Honda Civic
  • Would rather be driving: A Morgan Plus 8

He's a man with a fine taste in hats and jazzy t-shirts, but his true skill lies in his writing. When he's not producing content for the site, interacting with our learners via social media or plotting a big marketing campaign, he'll be planning a trip to space or persuading Mel to let him hire a Batmobile for 'marketing purposes'.

In his spare time, Jonathan can be found tending to his vegetable patch, insisting Doctor Who is cool and baking with his fiancee, Lou. Jonathan also has an irrational fear of weasels, but we've never asked why.

Isabelle Guarella

Isabelle Guarella

Blog machine

  • Drives a: VW Polo
  • Would rather be driving: Mercedes G Class

Izzy's an unstoppable blogging machine. If you've read it on miDrive, she probably wrote it. She's been filling up our blog with great stuff for over a year and she isn't showing signs of slowing down. When she runs out of room for posts on our own blog, she just jumps on someone else's; she's written about learning to drive for MoneySupermarket, and Sainsbury's!

Who would you suggest is the role model for this talented young lady? Someone brainy and bookish perhaps? No. Izzy idolises Kim Kardashian and hopes one day to cultivate a massive bum and vast fortune of her own.

Phil Taberner

Phil Taberner

Online video producer

  • Drives a: Vauxhall Corsa
  • Would rather be driving: Serenity

Hired to turn miDrive into YouTube superstars (no pressure), Phil spends his days in the office using a complicated array of expensive Adobe software and searching for the most elusive creature on the internet: a piece of free music that doesn't suck.

Outside of the exciting world of miDrive, Phils plays instruments (he's new, we don't know which ones), writes horror movie reviews and has several disturbingly well-equipped World of Warcraft characters. Several!

Shelly Wilson

Shelly Wilson

Web analyst

  • Drives a: Mazda 2 Sport
  • Would rather be driving: Mazda 2 Sport

Shelly's our veggie-powered number cruncher. She sees patterns where we only see numbers and uses her superhuman knowledge of Google Analytics to make sure she knows exactly what's going on on at all times. Basically, Shelly is living proof that you should really pay attention in Maths classes.

When she's not creating insanely complicated spreadsheets, Shelly's serious about keeping fit. She shares her passion for fitness by teaching Zumba and a variety of other sweaty, exercise-based dance classes.

Rachael Gosbee

Rachael Gosbee

Sales support & admin executive

  • Drives a: Ford Fiesta Zetec
  • Would rather be driving: Audi RS7

If you were to phone the miDrive office, it's probably Rachael who you'd speak to. She looks after the driving instructors and makes sure that all of our users are happy (which, of course, they always are).

Rach has many great qualities which could be mentioned here, but her best one is the fact she's still new enough to regularly make tea for everyone (she's making me coffee as I write this, bless her).

Developer Required

Developer Required!

Back end development

  • Languages: OO PHP, Backbone, requireJS, Client Side OO Javascript, and Node.js

We are looking for an ace developer who wants the challenge of making our start up big. You will be joining our multidisciplinary team to focus on back end development on the website and the app.

Will have a good understanding of API's, ability to debug essential and enjoy the danger in trying new things.

Write to us with your covering letter, and your CV if this is an opportunity you'd like to take and tell us about yourself! ( or